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What is Native Advertising and Why Is It a Big Deal for Consumer Brands?

Native advertising: advertising that contributes value to any page it graces by improving user experience and adding value for consumers — Solve Media Consumers have always had a complicated relationship with online advertising: we hate it. But we’ve always thought of having to sit through pre-roll videos on YouTube or being interrupted by interstitial ads […]


4 Types of Emails to Boost Your Customer Engagement

With increased email volume all around and holiday email volume reaching an all-time high, it’s even more challenging to get people to open your latest email that screams 30% OFF TODAY ONLY! The modern consumer often wants a reason to connect with you brand that goes beyond new product announcements and promotional emails. Engaging customers […]

The 80/20 Rule of Affiliate Management

In managing affiliates, which of your actions make the most difference and how can you maximize your impact? Pareto’s Law? It applies to affiliate management too. 20% of affiliates make up 80% of your revenue. Affiliate marketing can be a good way for a company to increase traffic and revenue. However, many affiliate programs waste […]