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The 80/20 Rule of Affiliate Management

In managing affiliates, which of your actions make the most difference and how can you maximize your impact? Pareto’s Law? It applies to affiliate management too. 20% of affiliates make up 80% of your revenue. Affiliate marketing can be a good way for a company to increase traffic and revenue. However, many affiliate programs waste […]

TED 2012 Day Two - waiting for the first session to start

TED 2012 Conference: Day Three

Today, I cried. During “The Earth” session, one TED speaker played a powerful video from the Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami, showing homes and families swept away in one of the most devastating disasters of our time. He left us with the proverb that Japanese fishermen live by: below the boat, there is hell. Climatologist […]

Tech Help for Boomer Parents…Sold to Their Kids

I just got off the phone with my mom who of course has a computer problem she can’t solve. And neither can I from 2,000 miles away. There should be somewhere parents can call and get regular, professional-level tech help…from people who obviously have more patience than me. Yes, I know there’s Geek Squad and […]

Me and my sweet TED swag bag

TED 2012 Conference: Day One

It’s like summer camp for really smart adults. Black Founders was invited to TED 2012 Full Spectrum for our very first TED experience. We’re only a day in and it is already blowing my mind. We’ve met a princess, artists, scientists, and tons of accomplished entrepreneurs. But TED Day One started with me waking up an hour […]