Jay-Z and Warren Buffett on ‘Luck’

Warren Buffett and Jay-Z might seem like an unlikely duo, but the two sat down with Steve Forbes to talk about something they both have in common: success.

Billionaire Warren Buffett is unarguably the most savvy investor of all time and with a net worth of $450 million, Jay-Z has been called the greatest rapper of all time and most successful entertainer/entrepreneur of our day.

I particularly liked this part of the interview where they talk about ‘luck’. For Warren Buffett, his bit of luck was being born in the right place at the right time in history and in the case of Jay-Z, it was not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Finding success as an entrepreneur is often about luck: luck in meeting the person who gets you in front of the right VC who will eventually invest in your company, luck in having your product chosen for a feature on a national news program, even building the right team is equal parts luck and science.

I love both Warren Buffett and Jay-Z and for any entrepreneur or hustler, their entire 52-minute interview together is a must-see.

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