Monique Woodard in Madame Noire online magazine

Monique Woodard Talks About Tech and the Speak Chic App in Madame Noire

Monique Woodard in Madame Noire online magazine

The not-so-humble brag:

I was covered in Madame Noire online magazine where I talked about launching the Speak Chic app and diversity in tech. Read an excerpt below and the entire article at Madame Noire.

Madame Noire is back with the first profile of the year in my Women in Technology series.  I’m  kicking this one off with a individual who wears a couple of hats, each very special.  Welcome to the world of Monique Woodard; an entrepreneur of a mobile company for lifestyle apps called Rebelle as well as the co-founder of a networking organization called Black Founders for Black tech professionals.  I had the opportunity to catch up with the Florida-raised entrepreneur and  wanted to share the thoughts of my colleague in the tech space, so here we go!

LDC:  You started your career dealing with brand strategy.  What led you to your interest in brands and consumer behavior?

MW: I started my career at a brand naming agency, leading projects for companies like Starbucks, Avon, and Bayer. So that’s probably where my interest in brands started. Since then, I’ve worked in e-commerce product marketing and became deeply involved in what makes consumers act — specifically online.  Now, when brands are entering our personal lives more than ever and touching our lives at so many different points — web, social, mobile — I think it’s interesting to see how brand loyalty is influenced by consumer interaction with a brand outside of strictly commercial channels.

Read the rest of the article at Madame Noire

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