On Being a VC Who Travels

“If you travel long enough, every story becomes a novel.” — Gloria Steinem On the Road/Off the Road I just finished reading My Life on the Road, Gloria Steinem’s first-person account of her travels and being an activist who was (and still is) known for being in all of the places that it makes sense […]

Staying Alive

Your first job as an early stage startup founder is to get your first customer. Your second job is to stay alive so you can get the next one. Your first job as an early stage startup founder is to get your first customer. Your second job is… Click To Tweet Blowing Money Fast So […]

Call Your Customers

The most important tool to finding product-market fit is in your hand right now and a lot of founders are too scared to use it. Pick up the phone and call your customers. It seems obvious, but every single time I suggest it to founders, they act like I just told them to remove their own […]

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Jay-Z and Warren Buffett on ‘Luck’

Warren Buffett and Jay-Z might seem like an unlikely duo, but the two sat down with Steve Forbes to talk about something they both have in common: success. Billionaire Warren Buffett is unarguably the most savvy investor of all time and with a net worth of $450 million, Jay-Z has been called the greatest rapper […]

What do Americans do online?

What Do Americans Do Online? Social Media and Online Gaming on the Rise

How do you spend your time online? If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably spending a significant amount of time on social media sites and blogs, playing online games, and occasionally checking your email. Nielsen research has released a study of how Americans spend their time online and the top 3 activities are: 1. Social […]

Whole Foods embraces Foursquare

Whole Foods Pushes Location Based Marketing with Foursquare

Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley posted this photo of a Whole Foods grocery store that is promoting Foursquare check-ins with chalk board signage outside the store. Whole Foods was also one of the stores that received Foursquare window clings a few weeks ago. This Whole Foods location is going a step further and incentivizing the check-ins […]