Staying Alive

Your first job as an early stage startup founder is to get your first customer. Your second job is to stay alive so you can get the next one. Your first job as an early stage startup founder is to get your first customer. Your second job is… Click To Tweet Blowing Money Fast So […]

Call Your Customers

The most important tool to finding product-market fit is in your hand right now and a lot of founders are too scared to use it. Pick up the phone and call your customers. It seems obvious, but every single time I suggest it to founders, they act like I just told them to remove their own […]

Slush 2017: Demographics Have Shifted – How About Your Investments?

Moderator: Terri Hanson Meade — Managing Director, Class Bravo Ventures Panelists: Albert Wenger — Managing Director, Union Square Ventures Monique Woodard — Venture Partner, 500 Startups Demographics and demand are shifting but are investors adjusting to the shift? Terri Mead, Founder and Managing Director at Class Bravo Ventures, Monique Woodard, Venture Partner at 500 Startups, […]

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Slides from Kellogg PEVC Conference Keynote

   These are the slides from my keynote at Kellogg’s PEVC conference in Chicago. The audience was Kellogg MBA students as well as investors from both the PE and VC world. They wanted me to talk a bit about my career path and how I became a VC. I always struggle with this because I […]

What am I Doing in Africa?

We’re one part [venture] capitalists, one part social warriors. – Paul Ark, Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand – GOAP Africa I just spent two weeks in Africa with 22 ‘Geeks’ (now amazing friends) representing financial services/fintech, social impact investing, government, and venture capital during 500 Startups’ first Geeks on a Plane to sub-Saharan Africa. We […]

The White Elephant in the Room

The White Elephant in the Room

This post originally appeared on Medium. white el·e·phant noun a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of. This weekend, I was at a 3-day event for Project Entrepreneur — an initiative from UBS and the founders of Rent the Runway to find, fund, and support women […]