Social Media Week San Francisco

Sex, Race and Social Media – A Social Media Week Panel

Social Media Week San Francisco

I’m so excited! I’m speaking on my first Social Media Week panel and the topic is Sex, Race and Social Media.

I will be speaking with some other incredibly accomplished entrepreneurs and media strategists who work in the intersection of tech and entertainment. One of the points we’ll be covering is how the George Lucas-produced movie “Red Tails” leveraged social media to find success in the African-American community.

The panel discussion will be held Monday, February 13 at the Trulia offices in San Francisco – 116 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94101

Here are some of the panel talking points below:

  • What can Twitter and Pinterest tell us about demographic trends in social media?
  • Why do so many women use Pinterest? Why do so many African-Americans use Twitter? Do gender and race play a role in the type of social media outlet used and how can your brand get in on the conversation?
  • Is your brand using the right tool to target the right demographic?
  • How do brands use social curation to create interest around their product, services, or media? How can you best move your brand to your target audience?
  • How should brands measure success with their target audience? What are the measurement tools and metrics of success?
  • Minority Representation in Social Media, Tech and Entertainment Industries – illustrations of content like “RedTails”, “The Help”, and trending News topics
  • How social networks are changing the world to create smaller connected forums.
  • Strategies that create broadcast communications, marketing and promotion of media through social networks.
  • Accelerated global dissemination and how rapid metrics measurement and persistent viral marketing come into play.