Social Media Week San Francisco

Social Media Week: Viral Video & Social Media Panel

Social Media Week San Francisco

Social Media Week wrapped up Day One with a viral video panel titled The Viral Business: How Social Media is Changing Brand Video Strategy. Moderated by Sharethrough CEO Dan Greenberg, the panel also included Ryan Lee (Mekanism), Josh Brandau (Pereira & O’Dell), Walter Haas (Levi’s), and Marcus Nelson (Salesforce).

One of the huge takeaways from this panel is that there is a place for brand video content that isn’t from a B2C company like Levi’s. There is room for B2B viral content that reaches a business customer who is looking for product information, how-to videos, and educational information around your product or service.

The panel members also highlighted the importance of metrics and analytics and pinpointed the need for a company that could track a user through the entire sales funnel.

The panel was an excellent overview of the state of viral video. All companies, whether they’re B2C or B2B should be thinking about how they can use viral video to get their brand in front of more consumers.

Is viral video part of your marketing strategy? What are you doing?

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