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Slush 2017

Slush 2017: Demographics Have Shifted – How About Your Investments?

Moderator: Terri Hanson Meade — Managing Director, Class Bravo Ventures Panelists: Albert Wenger — Managing Director, Union Square Ventures Monique Woodard — Venture Partner, 500 Startups Demographics and demand are shifting but are investors adjusting to the shift? Terri Mead, Founder and Managing Director at Class Bravo Ventures, Monique Woodard, Venture Partner at 500 Startups, […]

Demographic Change Drives Tomorrow's Startups

Demographic Change Drives Tomorrow’s Startups

Demographic Change Drives Tomorrow’s Startups (Slideshare)   I did a talk at LAUNCH Scale about emerging demographic categories and how startups can best position themselves to understand and build products that serve these emerging consumer groups. Here are the slides and some speaker notes. Demographic Change For many years, there were massive changes in platform […]

Amore Vintage Tokyo

Vintage Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo is in my top three of world’s best cities for vintage shopping. So after spending a week in Japan for 500’s Kobe Pre-Accelerator, I took the bullet train to Tokyo for a few days of intense vintage shopping.  Tokyo is great for a few things. 90s era streetwear (think old school Polo sweatshirts and […]

The Unsolicited Advice I Gave to an Aspiring VC

The Unsolicited Advice I Gave to an Aspiring VC

If you ever ask me for advice, I’ll probably give you 75% the advice you requested and 25% an opinion that you didn’t really ask me for. That unsolicited advice is the vig for the advice you actually came for.  Several months ago, someone I’ve known for years asked me for some advice.   They were […]