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In Good Company Conference

In Good Company Conference – Women Raising Money

Last week, I was at the In Good Company conference for women and as I said on Instagram, I’m still buzzing from the high of being in a room that was in full support of  women founders, creatives, and mom entrepreneurs. In Good Company didn’t just invite all badass women and moms in their network. […]

Planes Trains and Automobiles

On Being a VC Who Travels

“If you travel long enough, every story becomes a novel.” — Gloria Steinem On the Road/Off the Road I just finished reading My Life on the Road, Gloria Steinem’s first-person account of her travels and being an activist who was (and still is) known for being in all of the places that it makes sense […]

The Unsolicited Advice I Gave to an Aspiring VC

The Unsolicited Advice I Gave to an Aspiring VC

If you ever ask me for advice, I’ll probably give you 75% the advice you requested and 25% an opinion that you didn’t really ask me for. That unsolicited advice is the vig for the advice you actually came for.  Several months ago, someone I’ve known for years asked me for some advice.   They were […]